Cinque Terre

"Cinque Terre" Pastel 11 x 16.5 Purchase Here

“Cinque Terre” Pastel 11 x 16.5
Prints of this Painting are Available Here

I had started this painting many months ago.  I put it aside because I got distracted with other paintings.  Sometimes I get excited about something rolling around in my head and need to abandon what I am working on to go to the next best thing….this was one of those times.

And because I am flighty like that, while I was working on “Bottled Up” I got this itch to go back to this one….some things never change… 

I am so glad I went back to it, because it brought back such good memories of my time spent in Italy.  What a wonderful place…full of so much color, and happiness everywhere I looked.  I am counting the seconds till I get to go back there!!!



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