I love Mondays

Mondays always hold such promise for me.

It is almost like a fresh start.

I like to get up really early on Monday (though it doesn’t always work out that way) and get a jump on the week.  Every Monday morning I like to mentally plan out the week.

This Monday was no different.

1. Ship two sold paintings.


2. Pick up 3 paintings from local art festival held this past weekend.

Check.  Lucky me, I sold one and only needed to pick up two.

3.  Head out to Amish country (Lancaster, Pa) to pick up a painting that was in a show that is finishing this week.

4. Plan and start a new painting.


5.  Spend at 3 full days in the studio, painting.

6. Spend Friday working on my big project that I hope to reveal next week.  Fingers crossed.


The newest painting on the easel has been sketched out.  I chose to do a bike in front of a stucco building with a wooden open door.  I feel like this painting is pulling me in the direction of doing something interesting with color on the door.  But with any luck, I will find myself in the zone and this painting will reveal itself to me!

Mondays really do fill me with such promise of what I can accomplish in a week.  I will be posting my progress each day as I go along.

Hopefully, by Friday, this painting will be finished and looking for a new home!



2 Responses to I love Mondays

  1. Susan Medyn says:

    So fabulous to read your thoughts about Monday. Working 3 days a week I feel like Monday is the day I barely get to paint! Love the drawing…..thinking lavender or turquoise doors.

  2. jsgrant01 says:


    It’s always a struggle to get to paint isn’t it?

    Lavender and turquoise were colors that I was contemplating too! I was even thinking a darker purple for the door. Hmm I guess I’ll see how it plays out.

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