Welcome to my online studio! I am an artist, living and working in Downingtown, Pa.  I will share my latest paintings, works-in-progress, and life as an artist.

An idea for a painting is born when something visually pleases me and I see an opportunity to show others my excitement in a subject.  Whether it is the color and movement in a wave or the warmth and love shown in a dogs eyes.

In my work, I like to show the viewer something that is usually overlooked.  I like to draw attention to details missed in everyday life, by showing them something they see but never really notice.  I love to provide an Aha moment with my paintings.  It could be something as simple as the beauty in the sun dancing across a dog’s fur, or the waxy red and pink colors on a Gala Apple.

What I wish to say with my art is “We are all busy living our lives.  Let me paint for you all the lovely, fine details that make life wonderfully interesting.”

 If you would like to contact me, are interested in purchasing my art or a commission of your beloved pet, please email me at: jsgrant01@gmail.com


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