Banana Peppers

"Banana Peppers"       Pastel 5 x 7          Buy Here

“Banana Peppers”
Pastel 5 x 7
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Lately, I have been really into fresh fruits and veggies.  I mentioned before that I have a tough time digesting food, especially healthy food – no joke (gastroparesis). And solid foods are definetly the buggers that make me nauseous. I was concerned that the new diet I was given made fruits and veggies no no’s for me.  How in the world was I to stay nourished on such a diet?  So I purchased a juicer (which essentially extracts the fiber, the part that makes me sick, from the produce).  

I have been going crazy with produce now. I now reach into the fridge and pick kale, spinach, apples, parsley, cukes…anything that looks good really, and throw them into the juicer and get fresh veggie juice in return.  I am drinking all kinds of veggies that gave me such a hard time to eat before!  I come home with bags of fresh veggies, and the colors!!! Oh my gosh the colors!  A painters dream!!

Since the colors excite me so much, I decided to revisit my “Banana Peppers” painting in celebration of all the wonderful rainbow (and nutrients) that I am now nourishing my body with everyday!!



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