Dreaming of Summer Days In Cinque Terre

It is only January, and I am ready for summer.  It is cold.  Really, really cold here.  Like 5 degrees F cold.  It’s windy too. And did I mention cold??

I am glad to have something on the easel to remind me of summer days.  Warm sun.  Bright sunshine.  Cloudless skies.  And the colorful architecture of Cinque Terre, Italy.  The yellows and pink stucco!! Spectacular!!   There is something so special about this place.  While I sit and work on this painting I am reminded of all my favorite things about Italy.  The colorful, wooden shutters on every building.  Every balcony has flower baskets hanging over the edge.  These people love their plants and flowers and just cram them in any outdoor space they have to work with.  Heaven!!!  And something as simple as laundry.  Everyone hangs their laundry out to dry.  Not the undies and other unmentionables, but the nice stuff…their sheets, and pretty shirts and dresses!!  Who could possibly make me fall in love with laundry??  The Italians can!!!

About half way done. Still have the bright Italian sky to get right. The building on the left still needs attention. I can’t wait to get started on my two favorite parts of Italian buildings…the iron balconies and the laundry which still need to be added….Stay tuned!!

And don’t even get me started on the awnings!  I have never in my life seen awnings done so right!!!

I felt so rushed while we were touring Italy.  Some day I will go back and and take my time and paint.  Not just the colorful buildings.  I think I will sit on a street and paint the outdoor markets.  The colorful fruit.  The beautiful  signs and window displays.  And I will certainly take in the Italian shopkeepers who were so charming and get them on paper too! 

For now, I will try and stay warm by dreaming of the Italian Summers.  I will sit at my easel and hope to recreate on paper what Italy left me with…..pure bliss!!!

I’ll be back soon with my finished painting!



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