Landscape Pastel Painting Demonstration


“Through the Trees”
6 x 8
Available Here

This past fall we had the most beautiful sunsets, night after night.  It really inspired me to paint clouds and sunsets.

During an blog event Marla Laubisch coordinated, I joined up with 8 other artists to do demos of our work.  I thought I would share my technique on how I paint clouds:



I get so much inspiration and learn so much by watching other artists paint, that I am really looking forward to seeing all the artist’s demos. Be sure to visit the other artists participating in the event, so you don’t miss a thing!

Mitchell Brown

Bill Cook 

Nancy Farara

Kevin Larson

Marla Laubisch

Jo MacKenzie

Christine Parker

Jacklyn Karabaich



2 thoughts on “Landscape Pastel Painting Demonstration

  1. Sharon Graves

    I’ve never done pastels and so enjoyed seeing your process. I know I’m really late watching these, but it’s been a crazy world here and I’m loving seeing them. This is just the kind of painting I truly love. Thank you for all the work it took to put it together.

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