More fun with Glass bottles


~Untitled~ 11 x 14 Soft Pastel

I had so much fun while I painted “Seeing Glass” that I decided to paint another, only this time, same set up but from a different perspective.

Painting glass has become a favorite thing for me to do lately.  It seems when I am out and about, that I always have my eyes open looking for new glass bottles.  I picked up a few new pieces, including a blue Ball Jar that I found in an antique store in Lancaster, Pa.  I regret only buying one ~I can already envision a still life of several of those jars posing for me,  so when I go back to Lancaster in July, I am going to stop into that shop again, hoping they have more.

Colored bottles are so fun to paint….all those delicious colors!!  And the interweaving shapes just make my heart sing!  Quite often peoples reactions to my glass paintings are, “How in the world do you paint glass?”  It isn’t so hard…I will share a secret…It is all about shapes.  Try not to think of them as transparent, or reflections.  Think of the shapes the reflections make and paint those.  Each little shape added together makes the whole.  Because there has been such an interest in the “how to paint glass” I wonder how many of you would be interested in me doing a demo on colored glass.  A show of hands would be fantastic!!  I have been mulling around doing a book, dvd, or online classes for some time and this might be a great lesson to teach!!

One last thought….This painting needs a name and I am quite stumped!!!  I could sure use some ideas….so if you have any….fire away!!!



3 thoughts on “More fun with Glass bottles

  1. Renee Brennan

    All I can think of is WOW and even more impressed that it is all done in pastel!! Stunning really! I have painted glass…but not even close to the outcome that you achieve….let alone the bravery Joanne!
    Can you see me raising my hand for a little demo? lol

  2. Carmella Tuliszewski

    Hi Joanne,
    Your work is just stunning. I have never worked in soft pastel, at least not seriously, and would love to see your process. You should post a demo or a work in progress sometime. Best of luck!

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