Pink Tulips

Yesterday I heard we were going to get a huge snowstorm here where I live.  So like all good citizens do, I ran off to the food store to stock up on emergency supplies.  You know…bread, milk, eggs.  I only got the eggs and what I feel are the only important elements for any good snowstorm…the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies.  I was in dire need of the eggs, butter, and chocolate chips, just in case we were forced to stay inside for days on end….like that has ever happened in my lifetime.

With the giddy thought of spending my Saturday snowed in, watching a Flyers game and making cookies on my mind, I headed into the store.  My local grocery store knows exactly what they are doing- marketing wise.  People are coming in, sick of the cold, dreary weather.  So what do they plant at the entrance of the store???  Flowers.  You heard me….Spring flowers in all of their pastel colored loveliness.  And Tulips!!! In every yummy color imaginable!!!

At this point, Chocolate chip cookie making was now the farthest thing from my mind.  All I wanted to do after smelling warm weather in these gorgeous bouquets was to get them down on paper.  I wanted them to sit in front of me while I pretended it was warm outside.  In my mind, I immediately began thinking about whether or not I had a nice pink pastel to use in this painting that I had conjured up in my mind.

“Pink Tulip” 7 1/2 x 11 Soft Pastel on Sanded Paper




I am so inpatient sometimes that I headed right home  to get busy on this painting.  I did not want to waste any time.

I used a limited palette this time, which isn’t usually like me….but I really liked it!!


I took still shots of the painting as I went along, and my so very talented son and film student, Brendan, put them into a video for me.  (Thanks B!!)  Hope this gives some insight on my process.  Brendan has a film company named Wandering Films (you can see his work here).  His partner in crime is Connor Griffin.  Connor wrote the music that is in this video…Thanks Connor!!!  they are both so very talented, and I can.not wait to see what lies ahead for both of them-I am sure it will be epic!





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    1. jsgrant01 Post author

      Thanks Jacqueline!! I hope I gave you a little spring with the flowers!! It was actually feeling like spring here today….maybe….just maybe it’s not far off! Oh, and I did make those cookies too. I’m gonna go hop over to your blog now :)

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