Reigning Cats and Dogs Exhibition


Anyone who knows me (and it is pretty obvious on my blog),  knows that I have a huge love of dogs.  I am so drawn to dogs….everything about them.  Every dog is fair game to my adoration.

So it was only fitting that when I saw a call to artists to enter the Wayne Art Center Reigning Cats and Dogs Exhibition I was really interested in being a part of it.  This exhibition reflects on the unique qualities that make cats, dogs and other pets, members of the family.  I decided to paint a dog I spotted in France…a dog that I instantly fell in love with.  You can read about that here.  

I was notified a few days ago that my painting “A Vos Pieds” (At Your Feet) was accepted into the show.  Yeahhhh!!! So thrilled!!!

The proceeds from this show will benefit the MainLine Animal Rescue.  Which makes me Doubly Happy!!

I am really looking forward to seeing how all of the artists interpret and showcase such important members of the family.

The Exhibition runs from April 5 through May 4, 2013, with a pet fair on April 6th.  Should be a great show!  If you are going to be in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area during this time you might want to make a special trip to see this show.  See the graphic at the beginning of the post for all the information.

Hope to see you there!!



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