Step by Step Progression Painting Day 3

I got a late start into the studio today.  Not sure why.  Not sure what I was doing.  I think I pace a lot.  I leave the studio and do who knows what.  If I could make an invention that would help me paint, it would be to have some kind of an electric jolt zap me as I approach the door, whenever I try to leave my studio to visit the kitchen, yard, or my laptop in the other room.  That way I would be forced to stay in my studio and focus.

I worked on the middle shutter first.  I wanted to work on the shutter first because it would require the most concentration on all the little lines and I needed to focus on the perspective.


Next, I worked on the flowers hanging on the terrace.  I couldn’t wait to get to add a pop of color to the painting….so fun!!

To add the flowers, I began by laying down a very dark green in the darkest areas.  I went over that smudging as I went with an olive green.  Next, I added spots of color with two different brighter greens as I moved away from the darkest areas.  Adding the flowers required my softest pastels.  To add the blue/purple flowers, I tapped a soft bright purple/blue shade all over the basket area.  Then I went over that again tapping with a lighter blue/purple.  I finished up with a soft blue highlight.  It is really only a suggestion of flowers but that is all that is needed to suggest a full basket.


I continued to work across the balcony adding flowers and then added a few spindles of wrought iron.  I finished up the day with the pots and some greenery.  


All in all it was a good day.  The painting is half way finished!!

Tomorrow will be a full day.  I will again need to fight distraction tomorrow.  Between dropping off 3 paintings to a local show (more info on that in a few days) and playing chauffeur to one of my kids for 90 min or so in the afternoon, I will need to really focus during the few hours I will have in the studio….I think I can, I think I can…

See you tomorrow!!



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