Step by Step Progression Painting Day 4

Today was a successful day in the studio.  Even though I had limited time there today, I managed to finish the painting!

Some days I can paint with such clarity and focus.  Strange because I wasn’t feeling so good today.  I sat at the easel sick with nausea, but worked through it and I am glad I did!

Here is the finished painting.  I decided to title it “Italian Balcony” because when I think of Italy, I always think of the flowers brimming over their balconies before I think of anything else!!

"Italian Balcony" 8 x 10 Pastel $350.00 Purchase Here

“Italian Balcony” 8 x 10

Prints of this Painting are Available Here

When I first got to the studio, I worked on finishing the pots, the railing, and the rest of the flowers.


Then I moved on to the shutter on the right.  After that, it was quick painting.  I left the studio for a few hours and came back to it to finish up the walls and the molding under the balcony.


It was a happy painting day!! I love when that happens!!



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