The Traveling Chicken Visits the Studio


It has been waaaay too long since I have posted here.  So many things have changed for me….

Where to start….Where to start??


“Morning at the Lake”

So I guess the best place would be that I am now living in a new home and a new art studio to go along with the new house.  My husband took a new job about a year ago and we decided to relocate to be closer to his work…(the commute was not pretty and I missed him being around).  Soooo we found a beautiful piece of land in which to build our dream home.  It took about 6 months to build and we are finally in and settled.  The studio is organized and full of my favorite things.  ( I will do a post showing my new studio and the gorgeous view I now have!!  So stay tuned!)

During our transition from one house to another I worked on a few small pieces and one large painting.  I will share those soon too!  But more importantly, while I was waiting for our house to be done, I was also on another kind of waiting list.

This waiting list was for the Traveling Chicken and her brood to come visit my studio and get her portrait painted.  The Traveling Chicken is a little ceramic chicken and a chicken entourage that travel the around the globe from artist to artist.  The artist gets to paint her and then mail her to the next recipient on the list.  Here is The Traveling Chicken Blog if you would like to read about her adventures.  I have been in my house and studio only 1 month and she arrived!!! Yeahhh!

I got a confirmation email that she was at my mailbox (which btw, is quite a hike down a long, long driveway to the mailbox).  I gathered up my lab puppy, Avery, and we made the trek in the heat to rescue TC (traveling chicken), Senior Gallo Azure, and the rest of the gang and bring them back to the house/studio.  I let Avery get to know TC and Senior Gallo for a bit…she was acting quite silly around TC, with her rolling around in the grass and barking at her.

traveling chicken with avery

Then TC, being tired from her journey, wanted to sit by the spa and cool off (a little water garden…but to a small chicken it was quite a spa retreat).  Senior Gallo was showing some jealousy by all the attention TC gave to Mr. BlueFish.


After some time, TC finally agreed to have her portrait painted and headed to the porch off my studio.


During the past 6 months living in temporary housing, I did not have an oven that worked.  I never thought I liked to cook until I did not have access to an oven.  When we moved into the new house with a new kitchen and appliances I got busy….real busy…cooking away!!  I celebrated TC’s arrival by baking cupcakes from scratch.  I thought it would be fun to paint TC and Senior Gallo with the Cupcake:The Traveling Chicken

Chicken and Cupcakes
8 x 8
Available Here


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