New to the Shop! Embellished Prints!

I am so excited to share the latest coming from the studio!

Recently, I was sorting through some of the prints from the collection "As it Was". They are so beautiful as they are. But my inks and pens were right there and I started embellishing the prints to see how they would look.

Wow! They are so close to the original. The only way I can spot the difference is that there is a sheen with some of the metallic inks I use on the originals that a print can not reproduce. It isn't as glimmery a word? Idk. But that is what the originals are...glimmery.

Not to say the prints aren't really special, they are. But, I enjoy adding these extra touches to some of the prints, so...

I am very excited to announce that I am releasing a limited amount of prints that are embellished with ink and extra glimmer.

I am not sure if I will restock these, so get them while they are hot!!

I will keep this page updated as to what is currently available.

  • This is an image of a daily gratitude journal opened up on a blue wood painted table top.  There is a pink flower laid across the open book.

This is an image of a person sitting on a chair holding a gratitude journal on the arm of the chair.  The image is cropped so you only see a portion of the leg and arm of the person and a portion of the arm of the chair.  The gratitude journal is by joanne grant art.  It is volume 1.  The cover of the journal is a painting by joanne grant.  It is blue and teal with shades of green.

These gratitude journals are designed so you may journal every day of the year. Each volume is three months.

This is an image of a gratitude journal by joanne grant.  The journal's cover is an image of a watercolor painting by joanne grant.  The watercolor painting is of a whimsical coral reef painted in blue, green and purple.  The book is sitting on a white round stone table.  There is a large green plant in the image.

Gratitude Journaling will help you focus on the positive aspects of your life, be grateful for what you have, and set goals to improve your happiness.

This image contains a gratitude journal by joanne grant art sitting on a light brown table with a cup of coffee to the left of the book.  The gratitude journal's cover has a watercolor abstract landscape painting by joanne grant on it.  The colors are blue, teal, and lime green.  This is vol 3 of the gratitude journal.

In each journal you will find:
*A Positivity Quote for each month
*The date written-the year is left blank for you to fill in
*A daily affirmation
*A daily prompt (no two prompts are the same across all 4 volumes)

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