Artists Tips and Tricks Carnival

It’s that time again!!  Artist’s Carnival Time!

This Carnival’s theme is Artist’s Tips and Tricks.

I have teamed up with 5 other artists (Sarah Sedwick, Linda Nickels, Marla, Laubisch, Jo MacKenzie, and Taryn Day)  to share their Tips with you!  At the end of the post are the links for the participating artists…be sure to check out their blogs to see what they have to share!  I am so excited to see what I can learn from these great artists!!

When I thought about what was important to me in my studio, I decided my supplies are at the top of the list.  Taking care of my brushes is definitely a priority.  If the brushes are a mess, not much will go right.  But everyone forgets to clean their brushes every now and then.  When a brush gets forgotten about and caked with dried paint, you don’t need to give up on it and throw it away!

I have a way to take care of brushes that seem to be a lost cause.  This works with all types of paint…even oil!!


Soak it in Murphy’s Oil Soap for 24 to 48 hours.  The dried paint will dissolve and the brush will be like new again!

Murphy’s Oil Soap can be used to clean brushes everyday!  It doesn’t just need to be used for dried paint.  In fact it is very good for your brushes to clean with Murphy’s Oil Soap…they will last a lot longer if you get into the habit of using Murphy’s Oil instead of Turnpinoid.

P.S.  It also is a miracle solution for removing dried paint from clothes!!!

Now that you know how to rescue your brushes from certain doom….be sure to check out the other artists tips:

Sarah Sedwick


Linda Nickles

Jo MacKenzie

Taryn Day




5 Responses to Artists Tips and Tricks Carnival

  1. Didn’t know that about getting paint out of fabric. Thanks for the tip and the carnival.

  2. Johnna Schelling says:

    Great tip! Probably saves a few pennies too.

  3. Linda Nickles says:

    I’ve used Murphy’s Oil soap, but never thought to try the spray formula. Thanks for sharing this tip. It’s nice to meet you through this “carnival”, Johnna!

  4. Susan Herbst says:

    Great tip! I’m going to share with my art guild!

  5. Great tip! Love Murphy’s. I bet it’s a ton cheaper than The Master’s Brush Cleaner, which I’m currently using.

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