31 Days of Art – Day 15

31 Days of Art – Day 15

{Tabby Cat}

“Tabby Cat” 5 x 7 Soft Pastel


I am a dog person. Through and Through.  I never wanted a cat.  Truthfully….I was afraid of cats.  Every cat I have ever interacted with scratched or bit me.  So cats were something I avoided…at all costs!

Until….Shadow.  One day Shadow showed up at my back slider door.  She sat there looking in.  Meowing, and meowing.  How could I resist?  I thought she was lost or hungry.  I gave her a can of tuna but she didn’t leave.  She didn’t want food, she wanted attention.  Turns out, she is our new neighbors cat.  She isn’t hungry or lost, just super friendly!

Shadow is the most social cat I have ever met.  She will follow you on a walk.  She will try to come in the house to hang with you.  Shadow will come when you say her name.  She is a talker, meowing and meowing.   She wants to be scratched and petted endlessly.

So now I am in love with a cat.

Molly, my dog, in love with a cat??…not so much.  She won’t hurt her, or chase her.  She just doesn’t like to be asked to socialize with Shadow.  As far as Molly is concerned, Shadow is okay, she can follow us all she wants but she will not be playing with her….at all!

So if you ask Molly….there will be no cat friends living in our house.  So I remain catless.

It’s okay.  I love my dog.  She is my best friend and I won’t ask her to share me.

Instead of having my own cat….I will play with and paint other peoples cats.



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