Original Art by Joanne Grant

It is my dream as an artist, to create pieces that bring joy to you and your life —to make art that tells a story, and adds to the beauty that already lives in your home. I have a passion to create art in a way that infuses my work with joy and gratitude.

"As it Was" Collection

"As it Was" is a collection of 11 pieces inspired by the natural beauty of the Watercolor Medium and how it responds on paper. Building off of these unique and interesting pools of color, pen and ink was added to create an abstract world representing land and sea.

This is an image of a looking downward to a desk top.  A girl's hands are writing in a notebook which is on the desktop. There is a mug of coffee and a croissant with a bite taken out of it to the top right of the book.

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Original artwork on the cover, with a new prompt and affirmation for everyday of the year to bring joy, encourage, and inspire gratitude. Written and illustrated by Joanne Grant.

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This is an image of an abstract landscape painting by joanne grant art.  The painting is done with the colors, grey, soft dark green and gold and painted with watercolor.  The painting is very serene allowing the watercolors to flow into each other creating an abstract landscape.  On top of the watercolor there is lines and dots painted with black and white ink to emphasize the designs and splotches the watercolor has made.  These lines and dots help create the scene of a landscape.

Each piece allows the medium to capture the wonder of the natural world.

The is an image of a watercolor painting done by joanne grant art.  The painting is shades of green and teal and it is framed in a white frame.  The painting is sitting on a light wood table with a white top leaning against the wall.  To the left of the painting is a white textured vase with dried branches extending out of it.  To the right of the painting is a wood bird statue.  Next to that is a small clock.

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