The Unexpected Inspiration Behind "Cinnamon Bay"

Ever been struck by inspiration when you least expect it? Well, let me tell you about a magical encounter with a gentle wave that sparked the creation of my painting, "Cinnamon Bay". In this blog post, I want to share the story of how this unexpected inspiration unfolded, the enchantment of the ocean, and the personal journey it led me on. So, join me as we explore the power of inspiration and the beauty that surrounds us, even in the most unexpected places.

Picture this: my husband and I decided on a spontaneous trip to St. John in the United States Virgin Islands. Our goal was simple--find stunning beaches with warm, calm waters where we could relax, swim and bask in the breathtaking scenery. And let me tell you St. John delivered!

The thing about paradise is that it doesn't just boast one remarkable beach--it has many! We made it our mission to explore them all and that's when we stumbled upon Cinnamon Bay on the North Shore. It's the longes beach on the island, with crystal clear waters and a serene atmosphere. We spent countless days swimming, snorkeling, and leisurely strolling along this pristine shoreline.

One fateful day, as we stood at the edge of the shore, captivated by the gently ebb and flow of the waves, something extraordinary happened. A soft wave rolled in, and the way the sunlight danced upon it was truly magical. I had never witnessed water shimmer like that before. We revisited the beach multiple times during our stay, but the enchanting phenomenon never reoccurred. It left an indelible mark on my soul. That encounter ignited a profound mix of awe, wonder, and deep respect for the Earth's beauty. It was in that very moment that the inspiration for "Cinnamon Bay" was born.

Standing there, watching the waves sway and dance, a whole new realm of possibilities unveiled itself before me. The ocean's enchantment stirred something deep within my core, something words alone couldn't capture. I knew I had to translate that feeling, that emotion, onto paper. And so, as soon as I had the chance, I picked up my paintbrush and got to work.

Through the medium of watercolor, I was able to translate my emotion onto paper. I aimed to capture the ocean's magic in a way that words alone could not describe. With each stroke of the brush, I relived the serendipitous encounter that led to the creation of "Cinnamon Bay".

The beauty of art is that it can evoke deep emotions and stir up memories within us. Painting "Cinnamon Bay" was a journey of self-discovery, of finding my voice and of learning to translate my emotions on paper.

This journey was not an easy one, but it was a necessary step in the creative process. It was a journey of self-reflection, of learning to trust my instincts, and of finding the courage to take risks. And it was through this journey that I discovered that inspiration can come from anywhere: a chance encounter with a beautiful sunset, a lazy afternoon spent watching the waves crash against the shore, or even the simple act of taking a deep breath and letting go of all your worries.

As I began to create "Cinnamon Bay", self-doubt crept in. Would I possess the skill to capture the ocean's surface, with its shimmering reflections and delicate bubbles? That doubt could have easily ended the painting session right then and there. But the magic happened when I pushed through that feeling. It required a delicate balance of self-talk and surrendering to the creative flow. It demanded vulnerability and the courage to make a mistake.

Once I allow myself the freedom to err, I could listen to my inner voice guiding me through the process. And after a few minutes, the self-doubt dissipated, giving way to the seamless flow of paint. the brush became an extension of myself, and the colors on my palette became my muse.

I have kept this painting and its sister painting, "Trunk Bay", in my private collection for some time without sharing it publicly. I wanted to keep it to remind myself to not allow the fear of making a mistake and the self doubt to keep me from exploring my emotions with paint and paper. I achieved more than a painting with "Cinnamon Bay". I achieved the daily reminder to keep going when things seem difficult. To not doubt my abilities (in everything, not just painting). And most of all to trust the process...the process I have been exploring for many, many years and that with each painting I will learn something new.

The creation of "Cinnamon Bay" stands as a testament to the immense power of inspiration and the magical moments that can arise unexpectedly. It also teaches us the importance of self-trust. It's not merely about putting a brush to paper; it's about embracing life's experiences that mold and guide us. So, let's take a moment to appreciate the unexpected inspiration of "Cinnamon Bay" and continue seeking out the magic in both the world and within ourselves.

✨ Each of these paintings, "Cinnamon Bay" and Trunk Bay" are available as prints Here.

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